Toronto’s Best Science Fiction – Pay What You Want!

A few cells from Futuristic Tales From the Here and Now by Cory Doctorow

A few cells from Futuristic Tales From the Here and Now by Cory Doctorow


The Otherworlds Bundle is up and you can get some AMAZING science fiction for whatever you want to pay. There is pivotal Toronto content present as well. The Otherworlds Bundle is like Humble Bundles except covering some amazing modern SF (speculative fiction) across mixed media.  YOu can also get a free copy of Surrogates, which is in my top 5 Comic series of all time.

Cory Doctorow and Jim Munroe are present in this bundle, they are both Toronto natives who have done a lot for this city’s tech culture.

Cory Doctorow was somewhat inspirational to me in my early university career.  Obviously I was a huge fan of but I also appreciated his SF writing and activism.  One of my nerdiest possessions is a signed copy of Linux he gave me.  The Futuristic Tales of Here and Now is a great read and has some great Toronto cataclysm scenes, above is just a taste.


Jim Munroe is executive Director of the Hand Eye Society, which is Toronto’s hub for indie game news.  He was also the AGO’s artist in residence from January to March of this year.  His film Ghost with Shit Jobs is best Toronto based SF since Videodrome:

In 2040, a generation of Torontonians have grown up after the economic collapse of the west. The movie consists of episodes of a documentary series popular in mainland China about the bad jobs some white people have — the plucky and resilient souls unlucky enough to be born into the slums of North America are both amusing and moving to the Chinese audience. Oscar is a digital janitor, and has to manually cover up logos for copyright reasons in the future’s answer to Google StreetView maps. Gary and Karen assemble robot baby dolls for the children of the wealthy in Asia. Anton and Toph are spider silk collectors. Serina is human spam and makes a living by mentioning brands and products in casual conversation.

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